Amitava Sarkar

Amitava Sarkar has lived in Austin since 1981. His background is in Electrical Engineering and Software Architecture. In the last decade, he has given more attention to things he enjoys in his personal life i.e. art , the performing arts, the sitar, and healing body work. These passions now support him materially and otherwise.

His forte in photography is Movement, Photojournalism/Documentation, Performing Arts, and other Commercial Subjects. (His galleries can be viewed at Smugmug site where clients can review contact sheets, order prints/merchandise, and download high resolution digital photos.)

The public galleries show the extent of his skills, and are an extended portfolio. New galleries are added and retired few times every month, so please visit regularly!
Amitava's Blog

From his blog profile.....

Experiencing and photographing the performing arts is one of my favorite ways to spend time. The performing arts have the ability (and usually do) reflects all aspects of humanity, in both the world of reality and fantasy. It epitomizes human creativity and passion. Capturing the right moment is not only a matter of having control over technical aspects of photography, but also an insight into the mood of the moment and the performance overall. I have been enriched by my association with the performing arts on several levels. I hope a few of the photos inspire you in some manner.

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