Jagabandhu Jena

Jagabandhu Jena is a freelance journalist and odissi dance promoter. Jagabandhu started the Bhubaneswar "Devdasi National Dance Festival" in 2006. This festival is for young dancers from all eight Indian classical dance styles, besides the temple ritual dance of Puri Jagannath Temple, the "Mahari Dance" and the "Vilashini Natyam" ( the Andhra Temple dance). Jagabandhu also organizes the "Naveen Kalakar". Since 2006, the "Naveen Kalakar" has been helping to discover the hidden talents in Odissi Dance. From the year 2009 talents from odissi voal, hindustani vocal, flute, violin, sitar, tabla, odissi, pakhawaj have been included.

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