Taisia is a seventeen year old Odissi dancer and music lover from from Moscow who has studied Odissi since she was seven years old, first under the guidance of Kiran Sehgal's student Sofia and in 2004, through workshops taught by Guru Ramani Ranjan Jena in Moscow.
Recently she visited Srjan and hopes to go now on a yearly basis.
She feels that studying Odissi theory in Moscow can be a struggle for lack of literary resources, although she is grateful to have recently discovered the support of Rajashree Chintak Behera who lives in Moscow and teaches twice a week.

She is a part of a small dance group, Vandana which practices the Guruji Kelucharan Mohapatra style of Odissi and enjoys Odissi very much.
"You just feel that all your problems have no meaning and everything goes the right way when you dance! No need to perform, no need to show it, you just dance for yourself." -Taisia 10/8/07

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