Aparupa Chatterjee

Born and brought up in an artistic, musical and inspiring family, Aparupa Chatterjee has initiated her career in Odissi dance form. Today Aparupa has become an upcoming dancer in the field. Aparupa has been dancing since her childhood, inspired by Smt.Sharmila Basuthakur and having been introduced to the dance form by Smt.Poushali Mukherjee, a disciple of Late Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra. Aparupa has been a very regular and sincere dancer from her childhood.

For the past formative years of her life, she has been undergoing formal and professional training in Odissi from the eminent Guru Ratikant Mahapatra, It was not until this moment when she became a disciple of Guru Ratikant Mahapatra, that she entered the world of Odissi, its purity, style and dedication. Her association with her Guru and her training under his guidance have infused in her a remarkable sense of artistry and discipline
Aparupa, being a disciple of Late Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Khan Dagar is also a Dhrupad vocalist and a brilliant Science student. She has an immense potential to prove her versatility. Her notable sense of tala and laya combined with her elegant grace and beauty have been reflected in her dance performances. Aparupa has performed in various places of India as a soloist and a repertoire member of Srjan.

Her devotion and an extreme thirst for mastering the art of Odissi have helped her develop the essence of the dance form. Aparupa has performed in the Sutanuti Festival at Kolkata and the Brahmotsava Festival at Bangalore, organised by the ISCON in 2006.She has performed in the Uday Shankar Dance Festival (2006) and Swabhumi Festival (2005) in Kolkata. She has performed in the 'Stars of Tomorrow' organised by the West Bengal Dance Federation, Kolkata (2004). She has also had the cherished privilege of performing with Guru Ratikant Mahapatra at the Konark Festival (2005) and the Gundicha Festival (2006).

Her graceful and charming performances have brought her recognition from various sources. She has been awarded a gold medal on securing the first position with distinction in the Inter-Collegiate Oriental Dance Competition (2000-2001) organised by the Calcutta University Institute, Kolkata.She has also been awarded for winning the All Bengal Talent Search Competition by Rupam Youth Choir, Dance and Music centre, Kolkata (1993). Aparupa, under the able tutelage of Guru Ratikant Mohapatra, has been successful in imbibing the purity and style of the Kelucharan 'Gharana' and portrays in her a promising dancer for the years to come.

Aparupa Chatterjee would like

"to perform, teach & continue Guruji's heritage. I shall like to be informed about any sponsored program where I may perform or teach. "

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