Parwati Dutta

Guru and researcher Parwati Dutta started her dance journey at the age of three in Bhopal. She specialised in Kathaks under Pandi Birju Maharaj and trained in Odissi under Madhavi Mudgal. She is currently the Director of Mahatma Gandhi Mission Sangeet Academy, Aurangabad which is devoted to the dissemination, training and promotion of the ancient classical performing arts base on Guru Shishya tradition.

The institute has blended the traditional gurukul pattern with modern electronic media and presents 'anubhuti' art appreciation series in educational institutes free of charge. This session comprises of lec-dem with a CD-ROM di play giving information about the art form and its various aspects.

In August 2007 Parwatic Dutta led an initiative, Vrinda-Gaan, which involved more than 4000 staff and students of the Mahatman Gandhi Mission, and is currently working on a publication of the devnagari transliteration of the Champus with meanings and music notation
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