Puspita Mishra

Puspita Mishra, a fair spritely damsel is odisha’s pride in the indigenous odissi dance which has now assumed international status. Her devotion to this complex form of dance and choreographic intricacies is something spectacular and ingenuous. Being widely acclaimed in the State and outside, Puspita emerges as a rare artist who blends rhythmic grace and symphony in her dance that keeps the audience in thrall. The spectator is led to believe that Puspita in her dance is veritably an animated sculpture on the walls of Konark temple that set the rhythm, melody and tenderness in one composite tune. Her intricate foot work, her graceful karanas and charis, her hand gestures and mudras, besides the expression of her eyes simply usher the viewer into a world of beauty in gay abandon. Born in 1971 in the historic temple city of Bhubaneswar, the state capital of Orissa, Puspita Post Graduated in Sociology and earned to her credit the Sangeet Visharad in Odissi Dance Conducted by Prachin Kala Kendra under Chandigarh University. As a grade “A” artist of the Delhi Doordarshan and a recipient of research scholarship from the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Gov’t of india. Puspita is busy in exploring subtle innovation in Odissi dance. She has Mastered Odissi dance from the age of 3 years since 1974. Puspita is the worthy daughter of Sri. Nilakantha Mishra and Sushama Mishra, married to Mr. Anshuman Mishra, a social worker. She happens to be the daughter in law of Prof. Rajkishore Mishra and Renuka Mishra. She has been blessed with amazing twins a boy and a girl, Adarsh and Adyasha.
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