Vishnu Tattva Das

Vishnu Tattva Das is a dedicated artist who has devoted himself to perfecting the art of Odissi. Vishnu began his training in dance with Smt. Jhelum Paranjape, director of Smitalay Dance Company in Mumbai, India. He then traveled to Orissa for intensive studies with Padmavibhusan Kelecharan Mohapatra at the Odissi Research Center in Bhubaneshwar.

Vishnu is recongnized as one of India's prominent male Odissi dancers and choreographer, and has received acclaim for his performances throughout Inda, Italy, Canada, and the U.S. He has presented hundred of solo performances, lecture-demonstrations, and master classes. He has also collaborated, choreographed and performed with many dance artists in India and the U.S.

Vishnu brings to his chosen art form a vision of beauty, refinement, grace and spirituality, imbued with a divine inspiration, which permeates each step of his dance.

Vishnu Tattva Das is the founder-director of Odissi Vilas; Sacred Dance of India, formally known as Sri-Krishnasraya, and is founding member of Kala Sri Sangha, a group of professional Odissi dancers in the San Francisco Bay Area whose interest is to collectively promote Odissi Dance.

Odissi Vilas
Knights of Columbus Hall 167 Tunstead
San Anselmo, CA USA Phone - (707) 537-7652

It is the mission of Odissi Vilas to preserve the cultural heritage, to cultivate respect for, to promote and educate the public on Odissi performing, visual and literary arts.

As part of this vision, Odissi Vilas provides an instructional center for the performing arts in the Odissi style of Indian classical dance, as well as offering high caliber dance events. Annually Odissi Vilas brings artists from India to join them in their effort to promote and perfect this art form. They offer an inspiring, educational and instructive website which includes a gallery of bhakti devotional art created by their soloist and artistic director, Vishnu Tattva Das. In the future Odissi Vilas plans to collaborate on Bhakti publications and to offer an online store which will include books, instructional dvds, Odissi music and more.

It is their dream to share this sacred dance form with the community and the world; to build cultural bridges between diverse groups of people, to keep the art form alive for future generations, and to nourish the human spirit.

Odissi Vilas strives to enrich artists and spectators alike with a taste of Rasa, the inherent essence of all the arts of India.

Vishnu Tattva Das may be reached at

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