Jenny Dakini

Jenny Dakini has been longing since the earliest year of her youth. Her path took her all around the world, on the search for answers, it was then when she realized that the answer was always right there, “within” her. The longest journey began and is on; Yoga is her way of living and DANCE her ecstasy.

It was love on the first sight, when Jenny saw Odissi Dance for the first time at a Temple Festival in India. It was there where she met her beloved Guruji a Master Drummer, Dancer and Choreographer from Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Since then Jenny has been studying under his guidance very intensively and Odissi became one of the most important aspect in her life. Since ever Jenny has dreamed of being a dancer, her soul desire became true. Today Jenny has been performing and teaching in different parts of the world and is passionate about sharing the divine secrets of Odissi sacred Dance. Jenny is living in Bali, explore and experience now on the island of the gods, the magical world of sacred ancient temple dance… Odissi.

“Since de dawn of all creations, the cult of beauty has aroused. The circle of life has been created and where life is, there is beauty and where beauty is, there is love.

Without love the creation of beauty is not possible. We have been restless creating beauty because we have been restless soughing for love, we have been restless trying to discover the secret workings of the universe and the purpose of our existence.

It is very simple; God always has and always will create beauty, because he loves beauty and what you create out of love that is what you really are.

Dance is the creation of our souls. Our souls needed to be heard and its words have been transformed into movements. Dance, the language of the soul was one of the first languages in existence. Already many thousand years ago our souls needed to express their selves and the creation of music and dance has since ever than formed part of every single culture/tradition/community on earth and has the unique ability to unite all beings and invoke happiness, joy and the indescribable bliss, we are all living for.”

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