Sudarshan Chakravorty

Dancing right from the cradle, Sudarshan's early career in this art form offered him sustenance to live and the inspiration to create Sapphire at the tender age of 19. His training in the classical Indian forms of dance gave him roots and understanding of the technical patterns of movement, but his genius and dynamic vision gave him motivation to explore the given, discover the hidden and create the unknown.His training in Bharat Natyam(Guru Bandana Dasgupta), Kathakali(Guru Govindan Kutty) and Thang ta was further honed by the skills the he acquired in modern dance and jazz from France-based Nana Gleason. Pioneering in 1992 a radical dance form less known and lesser accepted, Sudarshan has led Sapphire Creations Dance workshop from being a youthful endeavor to becoming a premier experimental dance group of the country and the only one of its kind in eastern India. An organic and radical form of modern dance resulting from individual and ensemble mind-body improvisations along with a rigorous body training methodology were his focus and today Sapphire is now marked for its distinctive style of movement and experimental bent of treatment.Using his innovative form to speak of unsaid and sensitive contemporary issues has been Sudarshan's forte and Sapphire has explored the issues of homosexuality, the history of Indian sexuality, HIV/AIDS, consumerism in its productions. Presenting abstracts on the use of contemporary dance as medium and therapy in dealing with HIV, Sudarshan has traveled to Asia Pacific AIDS Conferences in Malaysia, Melbourne,Thailand and other countries. He has also led the troupe as director-choreographer to its numerous performances in prestigious arts festivals and art events in different parts of India and abroad. In its 10th anniversary year Sudarshan conceptualized a movement to integrate, bring together the arts and through them people. Part of the LINK THE ARTS movement, Sapphire brought to the city of joy a gala national and international fare of creativity, the first ever international arts festival in Eastern India and only the third of the country, INTERFACE a common yet non-mainstream platform where the arts can interact and bring to us expressions of another kind . Sudarshan now stands at a crux of his career where he choreographs for a variety of mediums like fashion, film and television and looks forward to Sapphire becoming one of the premier contemporary dance companies of the world with semblance of an academy which can be a whirl of young ideas, growth and experimentation giving birth to performers and art events which can create a whole new renaissance for the arts in India.

Sapphire Creations "Wants to join the yahoo group to expand its forum and reach
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