Beatriz Ocougne

Beatriz Ocougne is an advanced Brazilian Odissi dancer, teacher and movement therapist who learned from Madhavi Mudgal. She has operated her own private Odissi Institute for over 20 years in São Paulo

Bia is a dancer, actress, psychologist and body therapist. Her dance training spans Western Classical and Modern dance forms as well as Balinese and Odissi. She is a graduate of psychology from Sao Paolo, Brazil, has trained in Japanese inspired Butoh dance and performance techniques. In order to create Integrated movements, Bia has gone through a long professional journey. This started initially with corrective exercises and modern dance till she "discovered" oriental dances.
She attended workshops with Dr. Ehrenfried in Paris, learnt Balinese dance and theatre with the, I Made Djamat Company and performed with the Balinese American Dance Theater in New York.
She has studied Butoh, performed Flamenco, studied danse du ventre with Jamila Saliempour, and has been studying Odissi under Madhavi Mudgal and her students Bindu Juneja and Moumita Ghosh since 1995

For more information regarding Ms. Ocougne's dance and institute, please visit her website
Beatriz Ocougne can be reached at

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