Khirod Pattnaik

Khirod Pattnaik is currently functioning as the General Secretary of Bhubaneswar Music Circle (BMC), perhaps the oldest cultural organisation in Orissa (founded in 1963 and formally registered as a society in 1987). Although Bhubaneswar Music Circle's (BMC) focus has always been Music, predominantly of the classical genre, Classical Dance and paricularly Odissi Dance have always been an important component of their activities. It is predominantly an organisation of "afficianados" that also counts many of the famous Dance and Music personalities of Bhubaneswar amongst its members. Over the last few years they have staged a programme every month and a 3 day festival every year and have also been conducting the Rajarani Music Festival for the last 3 years on behalf of the Orissa Government. They produce 2 to 3 dance programmes each year.

Mr Khirod Pattnaik hopes to bring a passionate viewer's perspective to the discussions in the Yahoo Odissi Discussion group and personally enjoys both his Music as much as his Dance. He is struck that although Odissi Dance is inseparable from Odissi Music, the music remains secondary, whereas he associates the word "Odissi" more with the Music than Dance. It is Mr. Pattnaiks goal to collaborate with other organisations to nudge the Music further, and feels that greater efforts from all of us will be needed to continue this work.

For more information on Mr. Pattnaik's work, visit him at the Bhubaneswar Music Circle

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