Sridhar Shanmugam

Sridhar Shanmugam is the Executive Director of The Arch, a consortium that consists of a growing group of organizations in New York State and beyond, including overseas that assists many populations. ARCH’s programs are driven by our multifaceted vision: to provide people with the skills and interest for enrichment and volunteerism. A “healing arts” project helps at-risk people to center themselves. Multicultural teaching builds self-esteem. They hold regular teaching program in music, dance teaching programs, Marathon yoga program, on going concerts , event planning & management, online book & music store.

Sridhar Shanmugam was trained in the most prestigious school of dance from Tamil Nadu – India, and later started working with Chandralekha, the legendary Dancer in 1983 and danced in all her production and performed in all major National and International dance festivals under the banner of Cultural Center Chennai.

Sridhar Shanmugam can be reached at

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