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Mr Tony Ashikodi is president of the World Culture Link and is also a member of other United Nations Educational and Scientific and Cultural Organization Ngo organizations in operational relations with UNESCO, member UNESCO dance council, Executive secretary (WA) international organization for folk art, former corresponding member CIOF. He is a graduate of Creative Industries from the University of Greenwich London. He has been involved in the activity of music, dance and folklore events management, for over twenty years in different countries, around the world.
It is his anticipation that this forum will create link for further cooperation with other.

From Mr. Ashikodi's recent post, "Conference and Workshop on "Dance and Music" 23-28 July 2008 London,"
In order to improve our response to the challenges facing our
society at the beginning of the 21st century, the conference aims to
bring about better interaction between the world of research and the
world of action, strengthen the links between theory and practice in
the field of social development, a culture of peace through

The conference will discuss the global problems in the contemporary
world, as well as the contents of education for a culture of peace
and non violence, to promote the knowledge, skill values, attitudes
and behaviours, that reflect and inspire social interactions and
sharing based on the principles of freedom, justice and democracy,
human rights and social justice, tolerance and solidarity.

We anticipate that the conference, will also promote the knowledge,
skill values, attitudes and behaviours, that reflect and inspire
social interaction and sharing, that reject violence and endeavour
to present conflicts by tacking their root causes to solve problems
through dialogue and negotiation, that guarantee the full exercise
of all rights and the means to participate fully in the development
process of the society.

The conference includes workshops on dance and music from across the
world, and dances of the world showcase in the evenings.

Tony Ashikodi can be reached at

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