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Adrien Meszaros lives in Hungary, EU. She started her dance studies when she was 13 years old. She spent 10 years with contemporary (creative) dance and physical theatre (mime) and made certificate as a modern dance teacher. (classical ballet, art-jazz, dance history, Graham-techinque, Limon-techinque)

She tried several dance styles such as flamenco, afro-dance, irish tap dance, hip-hop dance, art-jazz, and martial arts like capoeira and iaido. Her academic qualification is visual arts teacher and computer graphic designer.

Since her first scholarship to India in 2005, she dedicated herself to Odissi dance.

She started to promote indian classical dances in Hungary in several ways:

Giving demonstrations, teaching, organising workshops for her Guru, and editing a link collection about indian dances. She created a hungarian online indian dance club, updating with the local dance news.

She’s representing the Kelucharan Gharana in Hungary. Both her guru’s trained in Bhubaneswar. Sandhyadipa Kar is a disciple of Kelucharan Mohapatra, daughter of renowned musician Sri Prafulla Kar. Currently lives in US, but visiting Europe every year. Sashikanta Nayak was the dancer of Srjan, his Guru is Kumkum Mohanty. Currenty settled down in Delhi.

Adrien named her school Sundari Odissi. Her aim is to be professional and establish an Odissi dance troupe in Hungary with the help of Jagannath.

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