Leena Mohanty

A probing mind, an engrossing self, she opens out with her graceful intricacies of gestures and eloquent expressions. An Odissi dance delicately poised between purity and innocence with marked clarity and precision evoking the rasa with its full lustre and essence.

Leena was fortunate enough to take birth in a family that had a long and profound aesthetic and spiritual tradition. Leena's mother is a gifted singer and her father though an industrialist is basically spiritual in his approach and spirit. Right from the beginning she was exposed to an atmosphere of art, music and spiritualism.

Leena came under the tutelage of a rare and gifted guru Shri Deba Prasad Das since her childhood. Deba Prasad Das was extremely innovative, original, creative and had a special quality in shaping the subtle, psychological framework of a child. Leena kept visiting Vrindavan every year and invariably performed in the temples. In the process, she got the blessings of the vaishnava which inspired further to keep up her art. After the sad demise of her guru, Leena continued her dance training under guru Durga Charan Ranbir.

Her dedication in dance was steadily refurbished by a series of awards and recognition which she got in regular interval.

Leena, a student of Physics and later a Master in Business Administration from Utkal University, Bhuvaneshwar, with a brilliant academic record chose dance as her medium of expression.

At present, Leena is involved in her own institute 'Bansi Bilas' where she works with kids to shape up their body and mind and make them understand the nuances of Odissi. She also imparts training in movements at 'Mukti' - a contemporary theatre group.

For more on Leena Mohanty, please visit her website and Bansi Bilas

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  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Leena is a tremendous artiste and exponent of Odissi. I just watched her performaance at Indinapolis 'Zionsville Performing Arts Centre' witha rendering of Dashavatar as also Thumaka Chalata Ramachandra along with Sunita Yoganand, an exponent of Bharata Natyam. The 500 plus audience gave her a standing ovation and we as Indians and particularly from Odisha felt proud of Leena.

    Having watched Odissi emerge from the 'prangana' of Kala Bikas Kendra Ranihat, Cuttack in 1956 today Odisha is becoming better known as Birthplace of Odissi. Cudos to your Blogspot and your aficionados. Thanks Leena for an opprotunity in US to see Odissi performed so well.


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