Gulapudi Raman Kumari

Gullapudi Raman Kumari is an accomplished professional dancer, teacher and choreographer in Odissi. And one of the rare dancers who thinks, "dance is life and life is to dance." She was initiated to the art of Odissi when she was barely 7 years old. She had her early training under Guru Shree Gajandra Panda and Guru Shree Sudhakar Sahu. Later she continued her studies under the able guidance of Guru Shree Dr. Manoj Kumar Behera and gained a thorough grounding on Guru Shree Deva Prasad style of Odissi. Her quest for enriching her art with the technique and style is the final goal of her life.

Raman is one of the well-established artistes in the field today, part of a small group of contemporaneous peers so recognized. She has wide range teaching and performing experience in this field. She is planning to set up her own dance institution.

In addition to the teaching of theory and practice of Odissi, Raman is also an accomplished performer and choreographer. She has given stage performances to enthusiastic response and acclaim at several prestigious forums in India and abroad.

A friendly person loved by her students and liked by all, Raman focuses on molding budding talent to professional standards of excellence, while at the same time pursuing her performing interests. She also keeps abreast of traditional odissi repertoire and contemporary trends, and as a consequence, is frequently invited to conduct workshops, judge talent in competitions and provide lecture demonstration.

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