Isha Satapathy

Isha Satapathy, daughter of Smt. Gouri Pratima Satapathy and Sri Ashok Kumar Satapathy was born in 1985. She resides in Cuttack and a received a B.Com. (Accountancy Hons. With Distinction) during her schooling. Isha Satapathy completed Sangeet Visharad Pratham Khand Under Chandigarh University and first began learning Odissi at the age of 5 in 1990. She began her learning Odissi under Padmabibhushan Late Guru Sri Kelucharan Mohapatra and Sri Ratikanta Mohapatra followed by Guru Sri Anil Kumar Lenka and later joined Gunjan Dance Academy in 1999 under the eminent dancer Guru Smt. Meera Das.She has performed in local and national festivals and various places in India and abroad, (such as Germany, Zurich, Singapore, Vienna, Rome, London, Malaysia, Dubai and Muscat). She has also performed in Konark festival, Puri beach festival, Dhauli Mahotsav, Soorya festival, Baliyatra Mahotsav, Barabati Mahotsav, Poush Mela at Shantiniketan, Bishnupur Mela Thalam festival, Swaralaya festival etc.

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