Manali Holankar

"Manali has been learning odissi since April 2006 in San Diego. Her teacher is Guru Yudhisthir Nayak from Bhubaneshwar, India. She believes that a really good Odissi dance teacher is one who not only imparts the knowledge flawlessly, but also manages to inspire the student to love and respect the art form in its true spirit. She is lucky to be a student of such a teacher. For her dance is a devotion and a prayer, and she aspires to convey that through her dance.

Manali has learnt Odissi from Guru Ramesh Jena and the Patnaik Sisters as well. She has also attended dance workshops by Guru Aruna Mohanty and Guru Sujata Mohapatra."
Manali Holankar is an Odissi dancer from San Diego, California who can be reached at

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