Siryn is a writer and dancer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Primarily a performer and student of Middle Eastern dance (more popularly known as a bellydance), specializing in the classical Egyptian style, her interest in Odissi was piqued when she interviewed Ramli Ibrahim—described by some as the Nijinsky of Odissi—the Artistic Director of Sutra Dance Theatre, for an article.

After viewing a video of one of Ramli's tours to India with his dancers, she was inspired to begin taking Odissi lessons at Sutra Academy in April 2007. She is drawn to Odissi due to its sensuality, grace and curvaceous movements—characteristics similar to those of bellydance—yet finds its intricate footwork and use of abhinaya refreshingly challenging and different. Siryn is currently trying to learn as much as she can about this dance, as well as Hindu mythology and Indian culture.
She also enjoys reading, beading, costuming, cooking, travel, swimming, writing, yoga, music, film, theatre, and the internet. She records her thoughts on Odissi at her blog, Notes on Odissi ( and can be reached at

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