Tatiana Ruzova

Tatiana Ruzova (Satyabhama Devi Dasi) is a Russian Odissi dancer as well as a teacher. She is a representative in Russia of the Institute of Indian Dance and Music Sri Venunad Kala Kendra (Vrindavan, Mathura, U.P., India). Tatiana graduated from the Far-Eastern State Humanitarian University in Khabarovks, Russia as a philologist and a specialist of world culture and world heritage.

Tatiana, along with her husband Oleg (a psychologist, astrologer, lecturer, writer, and a musician) got initiated in the Gaudia Vaishnava tradition and got a devotional name Satyabhama Devi Dasi (meaning “servant of Satyabhama, wife of Krishna”). Tatiana and Oleg dedicated their lives to spreading the spiritual way of life and love for God (Bhakti) all over the world.
Because of her deep, devotional love of God and traditions of celebrating this love, in 2002 Tatiana started to learn the Odissi dance in the Sri Venunad Kala Kendra institute in holy town of Vrindavan from Guru Pratap Narayan Behera, the nephew of the great Guru Hare Krishna Behera.

After years of studying in the Sri Venunad Kala Kendra institute, Tatiana expanded her knowledge by studying in the Guru Debaprasad Gharana from her Guruma, Smt. Kunjalata. Being blessed by all of her Gurus, Srimati Radharani and Sri Krishna, Tatiana decided to change the hearts of people by giving them pure love of God through the Odissi dance.

Tatiana started to teach Indian Dance including Odissi Dance and has also done lots of performances, workshops, lectures, and demonstrations. She traveled widely with husband spreading Bhakti and performed regularly in more than 30 cities in Russia and in more than in 20 cities in the countries of Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, India, and U.S.A.

Having accumulated her own experience in the teaching of Indian Classical dance, Tatiana wrote a book titled Ocean of Bliss in Russia in 2008. The book covers the history and techniques of classical Indian dance and Odissi dance. Ocean of Bliss has received great appreciation from professional dancers and general public.

Since 2006 Tatiana has been living in Moscow. In 2007 she founded an Odissi dance group of students called “Lilamrita”. In 2008 she arranged the workshop and the performance of her Gurus from Venunad Kala Kendra (Vrindavan) in Moscow.

Also in Moscow she visited workshops of Smt. Rajashree Behera, who guided her in Debasir Gharana and supported in the development of Abhinaya. Currently, Tatiana continues to travel, perform, teach, and prepare the second part of her second book about the Odissi dance.

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