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Moving, beautiful, peaceful, serene, spiritual: all words that come to mind after having experienced the November 11th, 2007 Memorial for Asako Takami at the Church of All Souls in New York City. A stunning and moving tribute to an "exquisite" soul, to be sure.


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10/19/07 Update From Rajika Puri

We have JUST decided on

DATE: Sunday November 11, 6.30-9 p.m.
PLACE: All Souls Church
ADDRESS: Lexington and 80th, Manhattan

We hope to open doors at 6.30, then do offerings - prayers, slokas and so on followed by (if we can get a projector) a video DVD of ASAKO dancing, followed by
informal dance offerings by, first, Kumkum Lal (Asako's first teacher, who is flying in to California to see her and has offered to be here on the 11th), then some group performances by members of NY-based Indian 'art' dance groups, after which we go downstairs for a simple reception with snacks and soft drinks, wine - till 9.

Rajika (I speak on behalf of dancers and musicians of the New York area - since many are in rehearsal and performances for the next four days)
10/18/07 UPDATE FROM Rajika Puri

Possible Venue:
The Sanctuary - An elegant space in pastel colors with six large chandeliers and five magnificent clear glass windows. The main entrance is on Lexington Avenue. The Sanctuary can accommodate 650 people but feels right with less than 100. A wonderful place for weddings or graduations.

10/15/07 UPDATE FROM Niharika Mohanty

Kumkum Didi is supposed to be in Chicago on Nov 11th - the date of the NY benefit, and was also planning to go to NY at another time. Yet, she was mentioning that she could switch her plans and be there on the 11th and participate for the NY Benefit.



  • TIME: Thursday 7:30pm
  • PLACE: 317 Greenwich, between Duane and Reade, very close to 1,9,2,3 and A,C,E to Chambers In Tribecca
  • PURPOSE: To brainstorm and come up with a basic plan to organize the benefit concert and discuss venue, collection of funds, performers and marketing the event to maximize the fund raising possibility
  • CONTACT: Parul Shah for details at


  • Performance in this space
  • Shridar's studio
  • College in the Bronx


  • The creation of a new Non-profit for the benefit has been discussed, but “incorporating” could take 4-6 months to incorporate (per Sapna D. Pandya, MPH)
  • Kakoli Mukherjee has offered The Trinayan Collective, a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit organization based in NYC organization, to route benefit funds as a “Fiscal Agent” for this purpose
  • Arati Misro recommends as being quick/inexpensive

From Niharika Mohanty 9/29/07

Asako's Current Situation:
I think Sangumay will give more details, but she is very weak and not accepting visitors. At this moment, she would be unable to travel to Japan. If she is able to go, then she would have to be accompanied by a nurse. Her parents are not well enough to travel to US. Her health apparently has declined quickly in the recent months.

NY Benefit:
Prachi, Rajika Didi, Lara, and Bani, and all of you who have come together so quickly to plan a benefit concert. Thank you! Please be in touch with Sangumay either through email: or by phone (415) 305-6478.

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