Chinmayee Dwaraknath

Chinmayee Dwaraknath is an Odissi dancer based in Coimbatore. She has learned Odissi for the past 9 years and is now also teaching. She belongs to the Deba Prasad Gharana, having learned from Shrimathi Geetha Shankaran who learnt from Ramli Ibrahim. She is currently the Odissi Principal of the Temple of Fine Arts International, an Arts organization which has centres in India (Madras and Coimbatore), Malaysia (Johor Bahru, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur), Singapore and Australia (Perth).

Her love for odissi was nurtured by her spiritual guru, Swami Shantanand Saraswathi, founder of the temple of fine arts international and feels that Odissi brings her much joy as it reflects life...
"The strength of the chowkha has to be balanced by the grace of tribangi...and in life too we we need to be both strong and yet soft too.don't know if i am making sense to anyone!.the first time that i saw odissi i knew that this art form matched my personality completely."

Chinmayee Dwaraknath also loves Orissan textiles and saris and is interested in learning more about Orissan food! She is very happy to have discovered the Odissi Discussion Group.

Chinmayee Dwaraknath can be reached at

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