Artist Welfare Fund

From: Khirod Pattnaik
Date: Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:15 pm
Subject: Re: Artistes' Welfare Fund

I am honoured that Shamahariji is proposing my name to take the responsibility for the Orissa chapter of the welfare fund. I don't mind. However I would like the group to debate and develop some norms for its operation.
For a start I suggest that we have a small 3-5 member board for each chapter who will set the guidelines for the person in charge to operate. The board will be bound by the criteria developed by this entire community. more thoughts on this please.

Khirod Pattnaik


Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:45 am
From: Shyamhari

I am happy that Jhelum Apa and Khirod Patnaikji of Bhubaneswar Music Circle appreciated my proposal of the Artsites' Welfare Fund for Odissi community.
I would like to inform our group that it was well-known dance critic Leela Venkatraman who spoke about the financial plight of the wife of late legendary music composer Bhubaneswar Mishra during the IPAP organised 3rd international Odissi festival in Bhubaneswar last year.
Chitra Krishnamurty was there on the dias and she instantly proposed to set up some sort of welfare fund for the Odissi family. She even offered to contribute money on the spot. I remember many people present there lauded the idea but none volunteered to take the responsibility including the IPAP people.
I suggest that let us start it straightway by contributing an annual subscription (whatever we can). It would be wonderful if Niharikaji and our dear ODM, who worked wonderfully for Asako's cause along with others there, agree to handle the welfare fund affairs till a Trust/Body is formed legally.
Ours is a small family and we trust eachother. So, let's not deliberate the future of the fund.
We can have country chapters/state chapters/city chapters of our Odissi community to collect our contributions and deposit with the apex body.
I also propose that Khirod Patnaikji be in-charge of the Orissa chapter and I would be happy to assist him in any way he wishes. Similarly, Jhelum Apa could handle the country chapter.


Dear Friends,

As we begin to ponder the possibilities of constructing an Artist Welfare Fund in Asako's honor, I seek your suggestions and thoughts as to how to go about this task; a starting point, a plan, a path to begin to tread together as a community.

Do we, for example, want to explore creating a Non-profit explicitly for this purpose? Or, like yesterdays NYC Memorial for Asako, will we want this Fund to be absorbed into an existing umbrella agency? What will the implications and considerations be of both? What other
possibilities currently exist?

What are the considerations and implications of being an international venture?

Would this fund offer a singular donation to those in need? Would it someday act like an artist health insurance fund? How would the distribution of funds be decided? Will there be a board? An application? A trusted few? Will one need to contribute to draw funds (like a banking deposit/withdrawal concept). Or will it be strictly need based reserved for those in our community that we wish to support during a time of need. (Goodness begets goodness, I think)

What other funds such as our Artist Welfare Fund now exist? How did they begin? How do they work? Are they successful? What can we learn from them? Are there models and mentors out there to follow?

Perhaps this organization will be eligible for grants? Perhaps it could promote various levels of donations and sponsorships? Perhaps one time contributions could be allowed? Regularly monthly automated account deductions? We could ask to be remembered in one's estate, even?

I forsee many varied possibilities. What are your thoughts and ideas?

Let's pool our resources and energies, expertise and international knowledge bases to realize this vision.

Let's begin our brainstorm!


Nov 6, 2007 12:15 am

Dear Shamhari bhai your idea for the A .Welfare Fund should be done immediately not late . I think we all can come together and help each other artists and teachers alike and create a bond between us. A support of this kind should have been available truly to many others before , but let Asako inspire us now always to help and carry on this Help .
Thanks Shamhari bhai .....its a Great idea .

Mitali Dev
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 11:16:03 -0800

Subject: From Sangumay re: message from Ralph>
To:> >

Hello dear friends,> >
Ralph has just sent me the following message:
Please let Rajika know that a 'memorial" now> would be good and> appropriate. And an eventual "Asako Takami Fund"> supporting dancers and any of the other arts would be> great. If there's a medical/health care focus to the> fund it would be important that it had some> alternative medicine component.> > A viewing is planned for Thursday here in> Emeryville, California, but I do not yet know the> address or the exact time. I will certainly keep you> all informed as soon as I learn anything else.> >
Thank you so much,> Sangumay

Nov 4, 2007 6:03 pm

ALSO, the idea of starting an EMERGENCY FUND was already in place even before I got back! So you see, people DO listen - especially if the ideas are good (I know I said at the time that it ws too much to thnk of making this part of an initiative to start such a fund, but what I meant was we wouldn't have the non-profit status and grants in place by THIS November. The idea itself, thoug, since it resonantes with what so MANY of us think, was well received, clearly.

Rajika Puri


Nov 4, 2007 10:49 pm
I think Shyamahari's suggestion is long overdue. Although the mechanism for administration of such a fund will be difficult. May be if everyone gets together a way could be found.

Khirod Pattnaik


Nov 4, 2007 4:46 am

She left us a bit earlier despite our collective prayer for her.

But our dear Asako would smile from the Heaven if we continue to grow together as a community with care and concern for eachother....the way we were together for her.

Let's set up an ARTISTES' WELFARE FUND for the Odissi community that would be the true tribute to Asako.

Who knows, it could be me or you tomorrow who might be in need of a similar support!



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