April 29: Dance in Outreach

Dear Friends,

This year World Dance Alliance - West Bengal has taken it upon itself to highlight activities of its Status and Welfare Network through the International
Dance Day celebrations, on the

WHEN: 29th of April, 2008.
WHERE: Kolkata
WHAT: Dance in Outreach
WHO: The dancers/trainers invited for showcasing their work with different groups, are: Ms. Preeti Patel, Ms. Alokananda Roy, and Ms. Suman Sarawgi. The Status and Welfare network head Sohini Chakraborty, who is also the director of Kolkata Sanved, has agreed to showcase the work being done by Kolkata Sanved's young advocates, dancers and dance movement therapy trainers, Khateja Khatun, Nasima Khatun, Jhulan Sarkar, Sudesna Bag and Sabita Debnath in this programme in Mental Health Hospitals, Shelter Homes, Community and Railway Platforms

We are collaborating with Max Mullar Bhavan, the German Cultural Institute in
> Kolkata and Kolkata Sanved ( as you
> might know this organization works with people from a wide range of
> backgrounds including victims of violence and trafficking, street and
> platform children, at-risk youth living in the red-light area or in
> slums, people facing mental challenges, and people living with
> HIV/AID), whose Founder Director Sohini Chakraborty is also the Chair
> of Status and Welfare of World Dance Alliance- West Bengal. Max Mullar
> Bhavan is hosting the event in its auditorium. All the members of the
> WDA from all parts of India are requested to spread the word by
> forwarding the email to friends and other dance lovers.
> We shall be calling the event "Dance in Outreach", and highlight the
> work done by different dancers/ choreographers/ activists/ and
> therapists in Kolkata with special focus groups like special children,
> victims of violence (social and political), mentally challenged
> people, and children from the disadvantaged strata of society.
> We are grateful to Max Mullar Bhavan, which has a rich history of
> having patronized art for the cause of human welfare, for being
> enthusiastic about the project and hosting the program on the
> International Dance Day.
> We need all your support and encouragement to go ahead with this
> emphasis on the focus areas of the different networks and their
> functioning, instead of only showcasing and privileging mainstream
> dance activities.
> Any of you who is here or in any nearby country, and are able to
> travel to Kolkata are welcome to come and join us in our celebrations.
> With warm regards,
> Urmimala Sarkar
> Adhoc Chair, World Dance Alliance- West Bengal
> Co-Chair, Research and Documentation, world Dance Alliance-Asia PAcific

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