Inspired by the term mentioned in the Natyashastra describing one of the four Vrittis or styles, Daksha Mashruwala named her institution Kaishiki. It is the soft and graceful style which is the hallmark of the Odissi dance style. Through Kaishiki, Daksha aims to continue the tradition of passing the art form in as pure a form as imparted to her by her Guru.

A complete dancer is one who is a keen and grasping student, versatile performer and a good teacher. Through Kaishiki, Daksha’s aim is not only in herself becoming a complete dancer
but also to inspire and train young dancers to become independent solo performers
The aim is not only to give a platform to budding students but also to give a firm grounding and direction to those who are about to embark on a lifelong love affair with the dance form. Daksha's experience and knowledge has enabled her to enrich the learning experience.

Enterprising in teaching methods, the institution is open to different ways of learning and even learning beyond the framework of the Odissi style of dance. It encompasses Tala, theory lessons, lecture-demonstrationsin other classical styles, and also traditional folk dances etc. Some of the students of Kaishiki are solo dancers in their own right who continue to get advanced training. Among these are Smt. Bharati Amonkar and Dr. Prachi Mehta.

Daksha Mashruwala,
A-1, Beach House,
Gandhigram Road,
Juhu, Mumbai. 400 049,
Phone: +91 22 2620 3755

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