August 27-29: Nayika - A Woman in Love

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She prepares for his arrival, selecting each flower, each piece of jewelry, and carefully placing it in preparation. Her friends are nearby and giggle in their excitement for the night she has before her. She settles at the edge of her bed and waits, and waits, and waits.....

Scheherazaad Cooper depicts the classical Indian story of the Nayika, a young heroine, through one sleepless night. Eight delineated emotional states of a woman in love are highlighted through postures of Odissi dance and theatrical story-telling.

Featuring Riaz Rhemtulla, an accomplished Kathak dancer from the UK.

August 27-29th 8pm


The Firehall Arts Centre
280 Cordova St East
Vancouver, BC
V1A 2B3

Tickets & Info:
(604) 689-0926
$15 Adults $12 Students/Seniors

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