Dear Odissi Community,

Today it is with a sad heart that I pass along this tragic news; Asako Takami, who many of you have known and/or have seen dance, passed away on November 3rd after having suffered from cancer for some time.
"For those who have either witnessed her dance and/or known her as a person, you know what an exquisite and beautiful dancer and human being she is, who has really touched those who have had the fortune of getting to know her." ~Niharika Mohanty

There are efforts under way to develop an emergency
Artist Welfare Fund in honor of Asako and her contributions to the Odissi Dance Community. Please stop by for updates as these efforts progress.

Asako Takami
1960 - 2007


"She will always live in my heart and soul and the hearts and souls of those she touched. She gave me the gift of dance and opened the door for me to touch god through dance in my own unlikely body -- without a touch of judgement. You will be missed Asako. Once again, you are lighting the way for us, fearlessly. May you enjoy the Spring." ~Anonymous

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  1. Namah Shivaya4:02 PM

    With great sadness we have a lost a fellow dancer, a soldier of peace and art
    guarding the fortress of dance, knowledge and learning to pass the baton to the
    next army of tomorrow. Please join us all in performing a "Shraddanjali -
    Tribute to dancer Asako Takami". Please cover the suggested donation with a
    small sticker or black marker. Shinto, Hindu and short Christian prayers
    followed by Shraddanjali. Sunday, Nov 11th, church of All Souls, 80th and
    Lexington. All so far collected proceeds to be set up in Asako's name as an
    emergency Health Fund for Dancers. Formal details to follow after all concerned
    are consulted. Ie you all.
    Namah Shivaya

  2. Ratikant Mohapatra and SRJAN Family4:15 PM

    We all at SRJAN (Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Odissi Nrityabasa) are deeply shocked to learn about the sad demise of Asako Takami.

    In this moment of grief, we at SRJAN offer our deep condolences to the members of the bereaved family. May her soul rest in peace.

    Ratikant Mohapatra
    and SRJAN Family

  3. Suryanagara4:18 PM

    We bless her with some flowers and… our love.

    Suryanagara – Milano - Italy

  4. Dyuti6:53 PM

    I was so incredibly sad to learn about Asako this morning. But I started remembering all the fun times I had being a peripheral part of my sister's dance community of which Asako was obviously an integral part. So I found an old email from Asako describing her cat Chikoo's outlook while she was visiting Florida. I want to share it with you so perhaps even with her passing, Asako will make you smile. It made me smile.
    "From Chikoo's Diary" by Asako
    it's raining and thunder from the morning. pouring hard. the door was open. i went out and ate grasses. i don't mind getting wet in here, i feel good when the air is warm like this, except on my ear...

    walking on the sand, on leaves, look into deep jungle.. all the cell of my body start. i love it!
    asako follows me everywhere. even under the house.


  5. Student of Asako6:54 PM

    I cannot believe Asako is gone, because she will always live in my heart and soul and the hearts and souls of those she touched. She gave me the gift of dance and opened the door for me to touch god through dance in my own unlikely body -- without a touch of judgement. You will be missed Asako. Once again, you are lighting the way for us, fearlessly. May you enjoy the Spring.

  6. Sima Chakraborty10:49 PM

    I am so sorry to hear about Asako. Bay Area will miss a graceful Odissi dancer. In this moment of grief, my deepest condolence to Ralph, Asako's family, friends and all her students from the Odissi World. May her soul rest in peace

    Sima Chakraborty
    Nataraj School Of Dance

  7. Meera Das & Gunjan Family10:51 PM

    we are sorry

    We all from Gunjan family prayfor Asako Takami.
    Our deep condolences to the members of the her family and friends. May her soul rest in peace.

    Meera Das
    Gunjan Family

  8. Yendluri Family10:53 PM

    This is too sad. May her soul rest in peace. She will be remembered
    for her grace. Ourheartfelt condolences and prayers to her family.
    ..Yendluri Family

  9. Shyamhari9:57 AM

    She left us a bit earlier despite our collective prayer for her.

    But our dear Asako would smile from the Heaven if we continue to grow together as a community with care and concern for each other....the way we were together for her.

    Let's set up an ARTISTES' WELFARE FUND for the Odissi community that would be the true tribute to Asako.

    Who knows, it could be me or you tomorrow who might be in need of a similar support!


  10. Mitali Dev7:47 PM

    My deep shock & sorrow at this sad news. Heartfelt sympathy & condolences from me and NRITYAKUNJ to Asako's family and loved ones. May her soul rest in peace.

    Mitali Dev

  11. Prachi Dalal7:49 PM

    This news comes as such a shock! I am still in complete disbelief. My deepest condolences to Ralph, her family, her students and to the entire dance community, who has lost such a beautiful member.

    I have never had a chance to meet or see her perform, yet her spirit inspired me to act and brought so many of us (dancers, musicians and dance lovers) together - probably for the first time. She surely must possess a magnificent heart and a pure soul. We pray that her soul rests in "bliss".

    Let us continue to be inspired.....
    Deepest regards

  12. rajika puri7:51 PM

    Dearest Niharika - and all Asako's friends,

    I just got off a 'plane from India and heard the news from Myna. Like my colleagues who have already expressed their sorrow - and, yes, shock, because we really did think she had rallied - I very much feel the loss and emptiness inside. Yet, within that empty space I discern a light flickering with Asako's wonderful spirit.

    Could you, on our behalves, pass on our condolences to Ralph, and to her parents?

    I have already left Sangumay and you messages on your cells asking you to give us a sense of whether Ralph would mind, if we turned the proposed Benefit for November 11th into a Memorial Service (strange that the venue we found is a church).

    Normally one would NOT want to charge for a Memorial, but it is also customary at such times to give donations in honour of the person being remembered.

    Apropos of which, our first thought is whether there would still be debts and expenses that we could send the contributions towards.
    Our next thought is to start an EMERGENCY FUND for south Aisan dancers, as a step towards starting a S A Dancer's Provident Fund - some thing Prachi and Swapna and Sonali had talked about during our very first meeting.

    Also, Asako's spirit has so mobilised us that we would VERY much like to continue with our plans, even if she is no longer with us in this maya world.

    All our thoughts are with you, with Ralph, and of course with Asako's parents, and most of all with ASAKO herself.

    much love


  13. Kakoli Mukherjee11:26 AM

    This is such sad news. Our deepest condolences and prayers are with Asako's family, Ralph and loved ones.

    Kakoli for the Trinayan Collective

  14. Paromita Kar3:48 PM

    My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones. May her soul rest in peace, beauty and grace.

  15. dear moderator and friends of asako-
    i am just now hearing of the tragedy of asako's passing and i would greatly appreciate any information leading toward connecting with her friends in the bay area. could someone please contact me about a service in the bay area or who i could talk to about finding out more about the state she was in.

    i am deeply saddened by the passing of my dear, sweet friend.


  16. Anita Lemon & Family11:24 AM

    We were all deeply saddened by the loss of our Asako. Ralph brought her to Atlanta to meet the family back in January of this year and we immediately loved her! So gracious and kind. My niece Chelsea once described her as an Angel. She was so right. We will miss her dearly and she will forever live in our hearts!
    Anita Lemon & Family


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