Adrien Meszaros


Adrien Meszaros lives in Hungary, EU. She started her dance studies when she was 13 years old. She spent 10 years with contemporary (creative) dance and physical theatre (mime) and made certificate as a modern dance teacher. (classical ballet, art-jazz, dance history, Graham-techinque, Limon-techinque)

She tried several dance styles such as flamenco, afro-dance, irish tap dance, hip-hop dance, art-jazz, and martial arts like capoeira and iaido. Her academic qualification is visual arts teacher and computer graphic designer.

Since her first scholarship to India in 2005, she dedicated herself to Odissi dance.

She started to promote indian classical dances in Hungary in several ways:

Giving demonstrations, teaching, organising workshops for her Guru, and editing a link collection about indian dances. She created a hungarian online indian dance club, updating with the local dance news.

She’s representing the Kelucharan Gharana in Hungary. Both her guru’s trained in Bhubaneswar. Sandhyadipa Kar is a disciple of Kelucharan Mohapatra, daughter of renowned musician Sri Prafulla Kar. Currently lives in US, but visiting Europe every year. Sashikanta Nayak was the dancer of Srjan, his Guru is Kumkum Mohanty. Currenty settled down in Delhi.

Adrien named her school Sundari Odissi. Her aim is to be professional and establish an Odissi dance troupe in Hungary with the help of Jagannath.

Her website:



Jyoti Shrivastava


Odissi dance exponent

Jyoti Shrivastava

Jyoti has cultivated a life long devotion to Classical Indian Dance since her first performance at the very early age of four. She has studied under some of the most revered Gurus : Valmiki Banerjee, Durga Charan Ranbir and Srinath Raut. She also studied Mohiniattam, Manipuri and various folk dance forms. She earned an M. Phil in classical music which gave her a more indepth understanding of dance. She is also an avid Yoga practitioner. However, of all these pursuits, her heart is captivated by the Odissi dance form. Jyoti has received various Scholarship fellowships titles and awards for her expertise in this field. "SRINAGAR MANI" was conferred on her by Sur Singar Samsad of Bombay. She has worked for two years with Guru Ramli Ibrahim in Malaysia. During this period, she assisted in the productions of his Sutra Dance Theatre. She has also done indepth research and training on the style and compositions of Guru Deb Prasad Das in her capacity as the Director of the Nehru Institute of Odissi Research and Training in Delhi. She has organized international seminars, symposia and training programmes for aspiring young dancers.


Jyoti Shrivastava

Jyoti has given performances extensively throughout India and abroad, including in Festivals. The talented artiste's performances include :-

  • DEB PRASAD DAS FESTIVAL in Bhubaneshwar – 1987
  • HARI DAS SAMMELAN in Bombay – 1990
  • KLALKA KALKAR in Bombay – 1989
  • " ADORATION " in Malaysia – 1992
  • ODISSI ALIVE in Malaysia – 1993
  • Guru Pranam Utsav in Delhi – 1994
  • Kartik Fine Arts Festival in Madras – 1995
  • Krishnna Gana Saba in Madras – 1996
  • KIN KINI festival in Bangalore – 1997
  • ICCR's Horizon Series in Delhi & Lucknow – 1998
  • Sangeet Natak Akademi's Odissi festival in Bhubaneshwar- 1998
  • She has also performed in Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna, Muradabad in India and abroad in Sri Lanka (recently sponsored by the ICCR), Mauritius, U.S.A. & Canada.


Jyoti Shrivastava

Jyoti has dedicated her dance skills to the cause of young dancers whom she trains to keep alive the testimony of dance over the years. She strongly feels that this art has to be passed on to aspiring youngsters, so that it is enriched with experience and lives eternally. This can be in a dance school where students take up dance as a full time vocation and reside there while they train and perform. She herself would love to continue performing irrespective of time and age because she believes that she can "dance to the grave".


Jyoti’s dance is evocative of the vibrant energy which characterised Deba Prasad’s vision of this style : Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu

Jyoti Shrivastava impressed with her fine inconographic postures : N.K. Mudgal, Evening News

All the items she undertook had a clarity of lines and an array of emotive range. Her Ashtanayika was clearly etched and well enunciated : Ashish Khokar, The Times of India

Jyoti’s control over rhythm is unfaltering and her sense of movement uncluttered : Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Hindustan Times

Outstanding Odissi performance by Jyoti. She captivated one with her graceful sweeps, fluidity in movements and hastas : N. Hariharan, Times of India, Bombay

Jyoti Shrivastava in Odissi shows remarkable maturity : Ashish Khokar, First City Magazine

Watching her one is inadvertently transported to the realm of her world where Krishna, Radha and the Gopis truly live : Ramli Ibrahim, Hallowed Diversions

The most hardened critical arteries would have thawed with the charmingly persuasive abhinaya of Jyoti’s Ashtanayika : Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu

Republic of Korea – 656131
Telephonic contact: (82)(558) 6871481 (Res)/ 6804858(Off) / 6802167 (Fax: for :Rahul Prasad)

SECTOR-XI, NOIDA – 201 301
Tel & Fax : (91)(11)91-539015

e-mail :

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Jan 14: Recital by Sharmila Mukerjee

As part of the

You are cordially invited to an Odissi recital
Disciple of the late Padmavibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra
Accompanied on
Vocal -- Ganesh Desai
Pakhawaj -- Ekalavya Muduli
Violin -- Ramesh Das
Wednesday 14th January 2009 at 6:15pm
HN Kalakshetra,
Jayanagar National College
36th Cross, 1st Main, 7th Block, Bangalore 560 082

Jan 16: Sharmila Mukerjee performance



a talk on the salient features of Odissi technique with
Postures, stances and feet movements
Disciple of the late Padmavibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra
Accompanied on
Vocal -- Ganesh Desai
Pakhawaj -- Ekalavya Muduli
Violin -- Ramesh Das
Friday 16th January 2009 at 6:30pm
Smriti Nandan Cultural Centre,
Nanda-deep, No. 15/3, Palace Road, Bangalore - 560 052
Friends of Smriti Nandan - Free
Token Donation Rs. 99/-
(for Music & Dance programmes)

Bali, Indonesia

Sabita Mishra

Sabita Mishra of St. Louis, Missouri, USA first began learning Odissi Dance at the tender age of 7. Under the guidance of her Guru she has performed at several stage shows all over the India; Konark Festival, Puri Beach Festival, Khajuraho Festival, Chidambaram Festival, Madurai Festival, Khandagiri Festival and Naampalli Nrtya Mahotsav, to name a few. She has also performed several times as solo and in group dances at Doordarshan Kendra, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

Sabita's most recent performance was at Mahatma Gandhi Centre, Hindu Temple Premises, St.Louis along with the Rudrakshya Goup from Bhubaneswar, India organized by the Oriya Community of St.Louis.

As a soloist Ms. Mishtra prefers performing abhinaya but she has also learned six different kinds of Pallavia; Pallavi, Basant Pallavi, Kalyan Pallavi, Kalavati Pallavi and Kafi Pallavi. She performs abhinayas from the Geeta Govindam or from poems by poets Banamali Dash and Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja etc. In Mangalacharan Sabita has learned Kalika and Ganesh Tandava. Apart from two kinds of Batu Nritya she has also learned two varieties of Mokshya Nata. She laso performed items based on God or Goddess like Surya Ashtakam based on Sun God and Durga Stutee based on Goddess Durga.

Sabita looks forward to carry on performing one of the oldest surviving traditional style of dance which originated in the temples of the state of Orissa in Eastern India, to the best of her ability and enhance her skills learned from such renowned and inimitable Guru.

Guru’s Name Sri Bharat Charan Giri

School of Dance Bharati Nritya Mandir

Style of Dance Guru Deba Prasad Das School of Dance

Qualification in Dance Madhyama Purna with distinction from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Pracheen Kala Parishad, Pune. Nritya Visharad with distinction from Chandigarh University, Chandigarh.


Received the best dancer award for six consecutive years from Regional Instititute of Education, Orissa, India. First prize for three years from RAWA Acadmey of Music & Dance, Orissa, India. Accredited for acting in children’s programme by S.I.E.T, Bhubaneswar Received State level Scholarship from Government of Orissa. Performed in songs from Bhanja Sahitya on occasion of Bhanja Jayanti, organized by Mrs. Pratibha Sahoo, a noted dancer and actress in Oriya Movies.Received National Scholarship from Cultural Department,Govt. of India.

Felicitated by Indian Oil Corp. in their celebration of fifty years of independence day of India.Most accredited as Krishna doing all shorts of mischief and rasa leela with Radha (Dr.Deepti Mishra, Ex. Director, Doordarshan Kendra)

Performed several times in oriya weekly programme, Kalyani in Doordarshan, Bhubaneswar.

Educational Qualification : MBA.

Reviews : “We can now rely upon these budding dancers who have God’s grace and such unmatchable Guru to carry on our culture to the next generation.” --“Sambhabanara Sabita” , review by Chittaranjan Mohapatra in Oriya daily Sambada.



Mumbai, India


Inspired by the term mentioned in the Natyashastra describing one of the four Vrittis or styles, Daksha Mashruwala named her institution Kaishiki. It is the soft and graceful style which is the hallmark of the Odissi dance style. Through Kaishiki, Daksha aims to continue the tradition of passing the art form in as pure a form as imparted to her by her Guru.

A complete dancer is one who is a keen and grasping student, versatile performer and a good teacher. Through Kaishiki, Daksha’s aim is not only in herself becoming a complete dancer
but also to inspire and train young dancers to become independent solo performers
The aim is not only to give a platform to budding students but also to give a firm grounding and direction to those who are about to embark on a lifelong love affair with the dance form. Daksha's experience and knowledge has enabled her to enrich the learning experience.

Enterprising in teaching methods, the institution is open to different ways of learning and even learning beyond the framework of the Odissi style of dance. It encompasses Tala, theory lessons, lecture-demonstrationsin other classical styles, and also traditional folk dances etc. Some of the students of Kaishiki are solo dancers in their own right who continue to get advanced training. Among these are Smt. Bharati Amonkar and Dr. Prachi Mehta.

Daksha Mashruwala,
A-1, Beach House,
Gandhigram Road,
Juhu, Mumbai. 400 049,
Phone: +91 22 2620 3755

Colleena Shakti

Colleena Shakti
183 Donner Ave.
Ventura, CA 93003

For inquiries please email

Olympia, Washington, USA

Chitra Shankar

Chitra Shankar is currently based in Singapore and continues her journey through the world of dance and music with intensive training and rewarding teaching experience.

Chitra's students in Singapore and Japan represent the true universal appeal of Dance. A quick study of her students reveals the universal nature of dance and its appeal across barriers of race, profession and background. Students include those of Chinese, Malay, Sri Lankan, Indian or Thai origin from different strata of economic well-being lawyers, software professionals, students and social workers.

Chitra Shankar
7, Newton Road,
#05-01, Elmira Heights
Singapore 307945
Tel : (65) - 6744 1478

Odissi Dance Company

Nirmal Jena & Chitrita Mukerjee
Odissi Dance Company
23 Burke Street
Chifley, New South Whales, Australia 2036

The Odissi Dance Company was founded in Sydney in 1992 by Nirmal Jena and Chitrita Mukerjee, recognized experts in the ancient Odissi dance form.



California, USA

Barbara Mintz

Barbara Mintz is available to teach in schools, educational settings, growth centers, privately, for children and adults, in on-going classes, lecture-demonstrations and workshops. Teachings in Balinese dance, Odissi dance, Movement expression and improvisation, expressing the Divine through dance and Holistic dance are my offerings. She loves the process of teaching, enjoys watching her students grow and discover.

To Contact Barbara, email to:

Barbara Mintz teaches in California for a few months each year, and for the remainder of the year in Bali, Indonesia.

Her center, called WISDOM, World Institute of Sacred Dance OM, offers classes and workshops in Indian Dance, Balinese Dance, Shakti Dance, Argentine Tango and other World Dance and Music forms. It is located in deep nature near holy springs.

Form more information, please contact:

P.O. Box 167
Ubud, 80571
Bali, Indonesia

Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

Bansi Bilas

Guru Durga Charan Ranbir,
Leena Mohanty, Artistic Director Leesa Mohanty, Executive Director

Bansi Bilas is a non-profit cultural organization which was established in 1983 with the mandate to preserve and propagate Odissi, the indigenous dance form of Orissa. The scope was further expanded to include both dance and music in later years.

The Bansi Bilas dance institute has trained hundreds of students in Odissi who have won prizes and good reviews both in the state and national level. Bansi Bilas has sent dance troupes for participation in some of the most prestigious festivals including, Sharad Utsav, Government of Uttar Pradesh in 1988 & 1990, Konark Festival in 1991 and at the Sri Swami Haridas Samaroha in 1996. Following the path of its founder Guru Deba Prasad Das, the stress has been on perfection.
An International Odissi festival organized by Bansi Bilas from December 17-19, 2001 at the India habitat Centre New Delhi. The festival was inaugurated by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, the Honorable Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

The three day festival judiciously varied between lecture demonstration seminars in the first day part while performances were kept for the evenings. Stage was shared by many eminent artistes from India and abroad. The names included Padma Bhusan Sonal Mansingh, Padmashri Madhavi Mudgal, Dr. Ratna Roy (USA), Smt. Rajika Puri (USA), Shri Ramli Ibrahim (Malaysia), Guru Surendranath Jena, Guru Mayadhar Raut, to name a few.GURU

Guru Durga Charan Ranbir
Guru Durga Charan Ranbir is the torchbearer of the Deba Prasad Das’s style of Odissi Dance. He has about 500 students under him taking training in Odissi Dance, both in India and Abroad. About 100 of his students have received Junior/Senior National scholarships from Government of India. Many of his students have received several awards. Guru Ranbir has participated in almost all the festivals across the country. He has choreographed innumerable numbers, which has been highly appreciated. He has received many awards including the State and Central Sangeet Natak Akademi Award.

Artistic Director

Leena Mohanty
Leena Mohanty is one of the leading exponents of Odissi dance. A senior dancer with wide national and international experience, Leena is not only born to dance, but has established her credentials through sheer hard work and dedication to her art. A dancer with a strong and impeccable command of technique, her greatest asset is her joy which she transmits to her art. A versatile dancer with a vision, she opens out with her graceful intricacies of gestures and eloquent expressions. A committed dancer, her dance is marked with clarity and precision evoking the Rasa with its full lusture and essence. A dancer who has wide international exposure. She runs her own institution ‘Bansi Bilas’which is involved in training young and upcoming dancers of Guru Deba prasad Das school of Odissi and which provides a creative outlet for dancers, musicians and art lovers in Bhubaneswar.

Executive Director

Leesa Mohanty
Leesa Mohanty started dancing at a very early age and joined the Raas Leela troupe of Bansi Bilas. She is an acclaimed actor, dancer, and choreographer with a professional degree from IRMA, Anand. She has worked in a managerial cadre in various organizations and is now pursuing her doctorate at the University of Businees School, Punjab University, Chandigarh. She is the resident teacher of Bansi Bilas at Mumbai branch office.Head Office: Mrs. Swarna Lata Mohanty
Plot.No. 217, Bayababa Math Lane
Unit –9(Flat), Bhubaneswar – 751022
Ph.No: 91-6742-542589
Branch Offices: India Leesa Mohanty
A-503, Canna, Hiranandani Gardens
Powai, Mumbai – 400076
Ph.No: 91-22-40055303

Leena Mohanty
2-11-8, Pantai Panorama Condo
K g Kerinchi
Kualamumpur – 59200
Ph.No: 00-603-79607081
United States of America Leeta Mohanty
7 brookvale Road
Massachusetts – 01701




Uday Kumar Shetty
Soumya Uday Kumar

Kalatheera, inaugurated on 6th August 2000, is a charitable trust for the propagation of Performing Arts, dedicated to foster India's rich cultural heritage through its magnificent traditions in Classical Dance and Music.

A modern day Gurukula- that is Kalatheera's vision.a traditional school that would spread awareness of Classical dance and music, both to value their spiritual nature and to integrate them in our vibrant economy through festivals and dance schools that become internationally acclaimed.

Kala meaning 'art' and Theera meaning 'the banks of a river', Kalatheera is the dream child of a devoted artist from the banks of River Tunga in Karnataka, a southern Indian state of rich cultural and natural heritage. Guru Uday Kumar Shetty is an exponent in Classical Odissi dance. Along with his wife Soumya Uday Kumar, who is a Kuchipudi and Odissi dancer, he set up Kalatheera after years of dedicated learning and respecting the art form. Today, the couple is earnestly committed to preserving the tradition and culture of Odissi Dance and is working at spreading this art form in the southern part of India, which is otherwise very popular in north India

In the initial years Kalatheera has been disseminating Odissi in South India through intensive dance training for a group of students, through lecture demonstrations and dance workshops, and through niche performances. After having begun with 20 students, Kalatheera now has about 60 students who are learning Odissi with keen interest and dedication. This young dance school is now ready to explore and expand itself to new horizons.

Oddissi Nruthya Shala
No.61/1 "Sri Ranga"
3rd Cross S.B.M Colony
B.S.K. I Stage
Bangalore -560050

Ph: 91-080-26727843
Mob: 94480 46368




Kalanjali, The Learning Centre

Kalanjali, The Learning Centre
Mrs. Padma Kanani, Mr. Ramesh Kanani

"Kalanjali was started in 1992 by Mrs. Padma Kanani. From a bud it has bloomed into a full institute, spreading its fragrance of classical music and dances. It was started with the intention of collaborating with like minded people in music arts and dance. Now, the entire family support Mrs. Kanani in administering the learning center. Mrs. Padma Kanani, her husband Mr. Ramesh Kanani and their teenage daughter Shruti have immersed themselves in the development of Kalanjali.

Kalanjali is affiliated with the Prayag Sangit Samiti - Allahabad. It is a recognized exam center and students can enrol for the exams to obtain a qualification in vocals, kathak, sitar and tabla.

Kalanjali frequently organizes exhibitions of the various arts that are taught. After completion of courses the students are assisted in expressing their art through these exhibitions and workshops. Even from as early as 1992, Kalanajali has organized theatre workshops and art exhibitions.

Displaying the giving side of art, Kalanjali regularly sponsors special summer workshops for orphanages. Kalanjali also offered sponsorship to economically backward students.

As a regular annual event Kalanjali celebrates Guru Poornima in an ethnic way to highlight the Vedic tradition of expressing gratitude to the Master {Guru Devoh Bhava}."

13th Cross, 2nd Main, 3rd Phase
J.P. Nagar
Landmark: Near Mini Forest, Mandovi Motors, Bannerghatta Road
Phone: 080-26589114


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